As you all know, Google has recently revealed a new layout for all GMail users and you can easily switch to new GMail look by clicking on Black 'Switch to New layout' button at bottom of the screen but, what if you want your old theme back?
GMail new look comes with a lot of features and themes etc but, if you don't want to use GMail on this theme and want your old theme back then, here is a step by step guide on how to get it back.

How to Get Back Old GMail Layout in Seconds

To Get back old GMail layout, you won't have to install other scripts or extensions etc. All you have to do is to follow the steps below.
  • First of all, sign in your GMail account that is switched to new GMail layout by default.
  • Now click on the settings icon on the page and select 'Revert to Old Look temporarily' and a new popup will be shown. 

  • It will ask you to either switch to old layout or stick to the newer one. Click on blue 'Revert to the old look template' button and that's all.
  • You are done. Now enjoy the new theme.


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