In this tutorial, you will learn how to check Nokia mobile version. If you have Nokia mobile then you will find this article important. I yesterday was finding my mobile phone’s box to see the model of my mobile. Actually my friend gifts me that mobile. The model of this mobile is Nokia n87. I did not know that its model is Nokia n87 that’s why I search for its box.

Nokia n87

But i was unsuccessful to find it. Then i search internet that how to check Nokia mobile’s version without box. Then I found a code. I type that code in my mobile and the model of my mobile appears. Now, I want to tell you that how to do this. If you want to learn how to do this then here is a guide on how to do this.

Nokia LOGO

First of all turn on your mobile and press *#0000#. Just press these keys. When you press the last key hash (#), the mobile version will appear. In the first line, there written the mobile’s model. In the second line, you will see the software’s release date and in second line, you will see the Compression type of that mobile.

If *#0000# will not work, try pressing *#9999#. I have tried this code on Nokia’s mobile only. Maybe, it will work on other mobiles too.

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